Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Holly Collie Christmas

Collie noses are so hard to photograph in front of the Christmas tree, but we tried! My mom did the photos, I did the Collie wrangling.
Oddly enough, Flynn the Wiggler is the easiest to pose. Too bad we've still got one ear in training . . .
Bella will only pose for food - as you can see by the focused, starved-to-death look.

 Riley, the most mature and obedient, is the most difficult. Wacky.
 I am so pleased with this last shot. All of that hard work on "stay" has paid off!

Now I'm off to continue my reading in Kristina Marshall's book on the Sunnybank Dogs. 


  1. hi!
    I got to your blog off of Diana's.
    I am he Canadian blogstalker !
    Your puppy is really nice!, good luck with him!
    Feel free to check out my blog!!

  2. Hi there!

    I've already been a blog-stalker of yours for quite a while :). Your boys are adorable - I love the pictures of various dogs stealing Kort's bed.
    Thanks for your comment on my little (ok, big) squirt. I'm having a blast with him - we're going to try some formal obedience classes soon, and I've loved reading your stories of Kort's and Tate's training (particularly Kort's - from what I can tell, he and Flynn have similar energy levels and personalities . . .).
    Good luck with all of your 2011 goals! Tracking sounds like fun! :)