Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rickreall, Here We Come!

The DNA tests results have arrived! My wild, furry baby is soon to be Belfair the Swashbuckler (Belfair Chief of State x Belfair My Blue Heaven).

Merriam-Webster online gives this definition for "swashbuckler" - "a swaggering or daring soldier or adventurer." Wikipedia, ever the reliable and scholarly source, says the term "generally describes a fearless romantic archetype, a fictional, adventurous, sword-wielding, male character who seeks to win the heart of a beautiful lady while rescuing society from the clutches of a dastardly villain." I don't know that Flynn qualifies as a romantic archetype, and we've yet to see him save society from a dastardly villain - unless you count fending off the raccoons in the yard. Apart from that, he is quite suited to the name picked out for him years before he was whelped. He especially qualifies for swaggering. As Mom put it today at the Marymoor dog park, "He walks like he owns the place."

With the return of the DNA results comes the almost-certainty that we'll make it in time for the Pacific Northwest Collie Club specialties in a few weeks. I cannot even say how excited I am! I'm sending in registration for the awesome pre-show workshop in the next day or two - I'm so looking forward to Flynn and I having the opportunity to work with Nancy McDonald of Barksdale, whose dogs I've admired since I was a little girl.

Now that it's a reality, I've really got to step up my handling skills!

Photos from our trip to the park, complete with Flynn "owning the place."


  1. why is there a picture of me running?

  2. I knew you'd ask that. Because it's a fun group picture?