Monday, October 11, 2010

So, turns out . . .

 . . . I'm dreadful at blogging. At least, I'm dreadful at blogging about therapy work. Making a blog post interesting while at the same time protecting patients' privacy is ever so tricky. So we're switching to something that might be doable: the show dog. Or, rather, the potential show dog. And potential obedience and agility and who-knows-what-else dog.

He's not yet officially The Swashbuckler - we're still waiting on the DNA test to come back for the dual-sired breeding. I called up AKC DNA Operations this morning and spoke with a remarkably un-cheerful individual who told me that, yes, they had received Flynn's sample, and, no, the results hadn't been sent back, yet, but maybe they'd be mailed by the end of the week. Here's hoping.

Theoretically, the bit that comes after the receipt of DNA will be quick - which is good, since we'd like to get him down to Oregon for the regional specialty. We even have a suite booked; Flynn and I plan to take full advantage of the 32" LCD, the fridge, and the microwave. Oh, and the king-sized bed. Flynn never gets to sleep in the bed, but I think we'll make an exception this time around.

Here's one of the rooms, but I don't think mine will have a hot tub - though I certainly wouldn't complain if there were one:

I think if I were a room designer, I would choose some other color scheme. Oh, wait, no. I know if I were a room designer I would choose other colors.



  1. here's hoping all your show collie dreams come true!

  2. the color scheme might border on pleasant if it weren't for that horribly out-of-place yellow door...

    In case you can't figure out who I am,

  3. Well, maybe. I think in, addition, a neutral-colored carpet would help immensely. It's kind of a violent riot of color with the green, yellow, pinkish, and reddish tones all over the place. And the chair blends into the carpeting.