Saturday, January 29, 2011

Four Years Old. Yikes!

Yesterday was Bella's fourth birthday - I can't believe she's four! She's such a sweet, charming little fluff, though with her own share of pigheadedness and bossiness! Here she is with her new lead and collar and a birthday snack:

And this pic is from earlier this month at a Reading with Rover event, just because she's cute!


  1. awww, Happy Birthday !
    I know what you mean, our dogs seem to age so quickly!!! My Tate will be 9 in April & Kort will be 3 in May, hard to believe!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bella!! What a sweet collie face!!! Love her!

  3. Thanks Diana and Jolene! :) She so thoroughly enjoyed that cookie . . . she's been on a diet and this luxury just made her day.
    You should see that sweet face when it's attempting to be vicious in play - ears flat back in a collie smile, tail wagging furiously, and ferocious growling, like she's so delighted at the notion of being a vicious little creature that she can't help but smile. We do enjoy every moment.

    I can't believe Tate's going to be 9 - he looks wonderful! :)