Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love my new toy!

I recently upgraded my camera to something a little spiffier - the most exciting feature is the one that enables me to catch the Flying Flynn in action. It'll take up to 15 photos per second, which ends up looking like one of those little flip books when you flip through them in the photo preview thingy-bobber. The nasty weather has prevented me from testing it out, so we finally braved the sloggy, nastiness (half-melted snow) to check it out. This ungraceful sequence is my absolute favorite. It probably won't have the same effect with scrolling instead of flipping . . . oh well.

So slushy, muddy, and yucky! 
I love this little squirt!

Unfortunately for all of us, the venture into SlushLand resulted in baths for all. Are they all clean? Yes. Are they all dry? Mostly (next upgrade: real dryer). Is my back broken? Probably.


  1. That's a pretty nice camera and feature to have!!Love the last picture of Flynn in the field. Handsome fellow!

  2. Oh, they have a blast! Although Riley just stands there, waiting for me to play with him. He thinks he's a person and it's more fun to play with me than with those dogs.

    Thanks, Dianne! He certainly knows how to take a good fall . . . ;)

  3. who me? I totally meant to do that ya know !